Received JoinAccept with major:"Major(1)"

Hi @brocaar ,

We have installed one gateway in the middle of the city and we are receiving traffic on our gateway.

  • We have installed 2 Devices and both devices are sending packets through our installed gateway and it’s working fine.

Sometimes we are receiving JoinAccept on Gateway Live LoRaWAN Frames with major: "Major(1)" please see below screenshot for your reference.
Currently, our devices are joined and not sending any join request we are receiving JoinRequest from other third-party devices but why Gateway shows the JoinAccept frame? as I have checked server logs but not found any downlink/JoinAccept.

Sagar Patel

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Any update on the above msg?

Also, we receive JoinAccept in the UPLINK frame. see above screenshot…

chirpstack-network-server logs

time="2021-08-26T12:53:41Z" level=info msg="finished client unary call" ctx_id=762cb666-fe8e-4ced-a6d5-fa86df534dd4 grpc.code=OK grpc.ctx_id=9ec661c9-b62a-4bd8-8069-bd102f30a64c grpc.duration=12.259357ms grpc.method=HandleGatewayStats grpc.service=as.ApplicationServerService span.kind=client system=grpc
time="2021-08-26T12:53:42Z" level=info msg="gateway/mqtt: uplink frame received" gateway_id=70xxxxfffexxb3xx uplink_id=fc1bc7fb-15d8-47d4-aff9-1e61a28d8bcb
time="2021-08-26T12:53:42Z" level=info msg="uplink: frame(s) collected" ctx_id=2e93993c-61e7-43cd-9a63-6a065c9c7764 mtype=JoinAccept uplink_ids="[fc1bc7fb-15d8-47d4-aff9-1e61a28d8bcb]"
time="2021-08-26T12:53:45Z" level=info msg="gateway/mqtt: uplink frame received" gateway_id=70xxxxfffexxb3xx uplink_id=818902cd-414d-48fe-b40b-aa3e4819d071
time="2021-08-26T12:53:45Z" level=info msg="gateway/mqtt: uplink frame received" gateway_id=70xxxxfffexxb3xx uplink_id=def657da-af97-4c54-ad30-5067b6b0fb46
time="2021-08-26T12:53:46Z" level=warning msg="uplink received by unknown gateway" ctx_id=a6155b26-526d-4722-9c40-bd6c79f3b49e gateway_id=70xxxxfffexxb3xx
time="2021-08-26T12:53:46Z" level=info msg="uplink: frame(s) collected" ctx_id=a6155b26-526d-4722-9c40-bd6c79f3b49e mtype=UnconfirmedDataUp uplink_ids="[818902cd-414d-48fe-b40b-aa3e4819d071]"

time=“2021-08-26T12:53:42Z” level=info msg=“uplink: frame(s) collected” ctx_id=2e93993c-61e7-43cd-9a63-6a065c9c7764 mtype=JoinAccept uplink_ids="[fc1bc7fb-15d8-47d4-aff9-1e61a28d8bcb]"

Received JoinAccept in Uplink frame


Please note that your gateways can receive data from other devices too. Potentially the above could be a non LoRaWAN (compliant) device that is picked up by your gateway?

Hi Brocaar,

Thanks for the update.