Received phyPayload and Error while receiving data

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So far I managed to setup everything and receive data from my device, the ERS sound.
However I have a few questions about that.

I receiver phyPayload, which for my understanding, is the information I want but have to decrypt. But compared to others in this forum it looks weird:


Is this how its supposed to look like?

I also have some erros and could need help. Here the full log:

gateway/7276ff000b0311fa/rx {“rxInfo”:{“mac”:“7276ff000b0311fa”,“time”:“2019-03-15T07:11:31Z”,“timestamp”:596802652,“frequency”:868500000,“channel”:7,“rfChain”:1,“crcStatus”:1,“codeRate”:“4/5”,“rssi”:-46,“loRaSNR”:8,“size”:29,“dataRate”:{“modulation”:“LORA”,“spreadFactor”:12,“bandwidth”:125},“board”:0,“antenna”:0},“phyPayload”:“QHWFKQAAxQCku0FfJuVUFSbHhDlHsHP0DSbOQJw=”}
application/1/device/a81758fffe038954/error {“applicationID”:“1”,“applicationName”:“loraapplication”,“deviceName”:“ERSsound”,“devEUI”:“a81758fffe038954”,“type”:“CODEC”,“error”:“js vm error: ReferenceError: ‘Decode’ is not defined”,“fCnt”:197}

I’m thankful for any advice or help. Thanks in advance.

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It mean that you set in lora-app-server this:

But your’s decode function is empty (like in screenshot), if you change codec to none this error has gone

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I deleted it afterwards and did a restart. I’ll try what you said. This would be only a solution for now, since I need to decode my payload. But how can I make it manually before I invest time for the code. I’m new to JS. Really new…

Do you have decode instructions?
I use this site:
I decode base 64 to bytes. After that I use device packet instruction to check what info i receive.

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Thank you very much. I don’t have decode instructions. I’ll have a look at it now. Thank you!

If you’re going to use the JS codec, the bytes parameter is the actual bytes array, it’s not base64 encoded, so you don’t need to decode it to bytes first.

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Ok. So now I get this data:


and when I try to decode on that given website it gives me an error:

Invalid UTF-8 encoded text: Continuation byte expected at 0x3

I’ve checked all troubleshoots, to make sure everything else is working, and as far as I can tell it does. So how can I make this readable?

I’m sorry for my “noob” questions. I’m seriously new to this, without any knowledge in Java or whatsoever. Somehow I managed to make this all work and came to this point and if someone could help me, that would be great.

Thanks in advance!

See for a decode example.


Just want to say thank you very much to everyone who helped me with this. After almost 2 weeks I managed to set this up and receive information from one device. This was so much fun to me. I learned a lot and I will keep learning since this is just the beginning.

Thank you so much everyone!

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