receiveTime is missing from up event packets in http integration

Hi Guys

I am using RAK Gateways 7249
with both MQTT Bridge or SEMTEC UDP:

When the GW doesn’t have a GPS antenna connected, it results in not receiveTime in Uplink packets from GW, and there for

I try to use RAK fake GPS option, and still the result is the same.

The only thing close to a timestamp I get it in an object called “content” and it contains SX1301 binary time or something like that.

Is there a way to add a ReceiveTime by the network server if this is missing from the gateway?


Before looking at the HTTP integration piece, do you see valid times in the live frames in the web UI?

Assuming “RAK fake GPS” is something RAK-specific, see fake_rx_time. Note that a gateway with poor connectivity and screwy NTP can sometimes be worse than no time at all.

to get data from fake gps you need to enable folowing directives in local.conf.json
“gps”: true,
“fake_gps”: true,

without first, second will not work,