Receiving "region_config_id does not exist in REGIONS" when queueing item for device but no error sending multicast to same device

Using chirpstack 4.3.0 I have set up a device in EU868 region. I’ve set up a multicast group as well.

When I send a multicast message the message is sent successfully and received correctly by the device. When I send a message directly to the device I receive the following in the chirpstack log:

2023-03-12 22:45:19 2023-03-12T22:45:19.294943Z DEBUG gRPC{uri=/api.DeviceService/Enqueue}: chirpstack::api: Started processing request
2023-03-12 22:45:19 2023-03-12T22:45:19.306037Z INFO gRPC{uri=/api.DeviceService/Enqueue}: chirpstack::storage::device_queue: Device queue-item enqueued id=194ae2cc-7c98-4384-9305-beb9cbdfe14c dev_eui=dc112233445566ee
2023-03-12 22:45:19 2023-03-12T22:45:19.306119Z INFO gRPC{uri=/api.DeviceService/Enqueue}: chirpstack::api: Finished processing request status=“200” latency=11.185279ms
2023-03-12 22:45:19 2023-03-12T22:45:19.429966Z ERROR chirpstack::downlink::scheduler: Schedule next queue-item for device failed error=region_config_id does not exist in REGIONS

I’ve ensured the EU868 region is active and exists. I’m not sure how to get around this error. Any help is much appreciated.

In case it’s relevant, I’ve set the RX2 DR to 5 instead of the default 0 for the multicast group and on the device.

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