Recommanded Hardware requirement to set lora server and lora APP server


Any idea of the needed hardware requirements: CPU, memory and disk space to set up the lora server and the lora APP server?

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Depending the scale of your deployment, a Raspberry Pi could already be enough. E.g. potentially this could run both your gateway and LoRa Server instance. See also

Please note that each scenario is different. Some networks have a high number of nodes, sending only a few messages. Some setups have only a few nodes sending lots of messages. One tool to perform benchmarks could be

Do you know any rough numbers that should work?

For example: if our nodes will send messages every 30min and there will be 100 nodes (with 5 gateways).
How much would it change for 1000 nodes using 50 gateways?

I think hardly anything. 1000 nodes sending data each 30 min that is ~ 33 frames per minute or about one ever other second. But the best way is to test it: keep track of your server load, memory usage and i/o :slight_smile:

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Seems like a bigger challenge than expected :slight_smile: We don’t have a server yet, I’m searching what possibilities we have and what can we expect. Thank you for the info

Martin, did you find right HW for your configuration, because I need it for 2000 EN and 5 GW?


Not really, for first test we simply took a Core2Duo E8400 PC with 8GB RAM which was lying around. Currently we have 4-5 GW’s and only about 10 nodes in operation.