Record gateways stats using "integration"

Hi all.

We’re using Chirpstack Network and Application Server with a Ursalink UG85 gateway.

In an effort to track down data loss, we’d like to record the gateway status along the data sent by the devices.

We use InfluxDB integration to forward the data from the devices to an InfluxDB instance.

I know we can check the gateway availability manually using “Last seen at” as explained in But I would like to record that, to be sure the data loss is from the LoRa connection, not the Gateway - Chirpstack connection.

Recording a boolean or just a ping would be enough for my use case but if the gateway sends stats, it should be feasible to record more useful data. It might require a codec to parse the gateway stats payload just like device payload.

Basically what I’m looking for would be an “Integration” tab in the gateway page allowing me to forward data to e.g. an InfluxDB instance just like I do with device data in my application configuration. Or it could be in the application configuration, like a checkbox allowing to also send gateway stats to the integration(s) parametered in the application.

Is there an existing feature I’m missing?

If not, is there something preventing this?

Is there a reasonable workaround?

Worst case scenario I could implement a software reading from MQTT and sending to InfluxDB but I’d rather avoid that.

I do not believe this functionality exists. We pull directly off the gateway topics for stats payloads and sampling uplink payloads, similar to how we pull off the application topics from the MQTT integration. However, we are not using any of the pre-canned storage integrations, so it was a very similar process.

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