My lorawan network server was last installed in version 3.8 yesterday. Why does the terminal always ask for login repeatedly?

Another terminal shows this. It’s also about whether you can record repeatedly. Do not know why?

Check the appkey carefully. There are no errors. Sometimes you can log in normally, but most of the time you can’t log in. Does anyone know why? My gateway and terminal are on the same desktop, and the server is in the local LAN.

I’m not sure what your question is. When you are referring to “terminal” what exactly are you referring to? The web-interface, terminal for SSH, …?

Thank you for your attention. My terminal is the door magnet to monitor the door switch status. OTAA access mode, cn470-510 band

I have renamed the topic :slight_smile: I don’t know what the issue is, but your device is performing retransmissions using the same frame-counter. the Network Server correctly detects this and logs this for your information as an error.

Why your device (or terminal as you call it) is retransmitting I don’t know. Maybe this is documented somewhere? Maybe it is expecting a downlink confirmation which is not received (do you see any downlink errors?)? You might want to ask your device vendor for more information.

Thank you for your reply. There is another phenomenon. I have a gateway device, rak7258, which has a built-in Lora server network server. If I use the built-in server, there is no such problem. The communication between the Lora server built in the gateway and the door magnet of my terminal device is normal, and OTAA will join the network soon.

In the gateway device rak7258, the uplink and downlink data of the built-in loraserver network service is always the same, but the uplink and downlink data frame count in the software server is always different.