Redis Cache Size Requirement

Hi all,

Question regarding Redis cache size. I’m getting out of proof-of-concept and into a larger commercial deployment, looking at Redis Cloud (or Azure) for my Redis component and was wondering if someone can help answer some questions regarding the size of cache required. is there a general rule of thumb with respect to cache size vs. devices and gateways? Say i have 1000 devices and 10 gateways?.. then if that scales to 1 million devices and 10,000 gateways?

Is there a number i should budget? say … 1KB per device or something like that? Once my devices join we would expect them to be in session basically forever. What happens if my cache fills up? will Chirpstack reject the join request?

At the moment I have 10 gateways and 10 devices and somehow my cache has 1800+ keys and is about 420kb. I’m hoping a lot of this is just application overhead and not necessarily proportional to the number of devices I have.