Redis Database still needed?

After updating to the newest version 4.7 is the redis database still needed?

Planning to run a new instance in another region connected to the main PostgreSQL DB but do I also need to connect the new instance to the main redis DB ?


You may also want to consider colocating your data with your LNS for reasons of latency, reliability, and business.


Thank you for your quick response,

The main reason we would like to have one Central database is that devices can roaming on different Regions without being configured on each server separately. For example All EU devices are connected on EU server with the Gateway Bridge and ChirpStack for 868.

And US on a separate server running US Gateway Bridge and ChirpStack.

But both running on same Main Database on a specific Server.

Follow up question to this. After 4.7 the device session were moved to Postgres. Does this mean I do not require persistance anymore? Or are there any other keys which need to be persisted over restarts?


Good question.
It should still be used for the latest session keys for fast retrieval?

Redis persistence is certainly less critical now. Please note that there is still some (less critical) state stored in Redis. For example gateway and device metrics… So I would still recommend you backup Redis periodically as well.