Redis database stopped running? Anyone else that has seen this?

Hi, on one raspberry + RisingHF concentrator board running outdoor at a farm, the redis database seems to no longer work ( there is a TCP connection error when viewing a gateway on the gateway menu). The rest of the system is up and running, but the gateway is not available anymore and no data reaches the rest of the system. Another device seems to be working fine though so it is this particular device.
I can start the redis database from the command line as sudo, so it seems to work partly but not automatically which it did five days ago.

Anyone else that has seen this?

I might mentioned that the raspberry image is based on the release just prior to the name-change to Chirp-stack, and that I added node-red and node.js as packages to it. These systems also continued to work fine even though they were not fed any data from the nearby Lora sensors.

There is another thread adressing this as well… but not tagget with GatewayOS…

See other thread for solution link.

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