Redis Sentinel (native or with loadbalancer)

Hello at all.

i checked the forum and i saw two “old” topics, where redis sentinel was the (or part of the topic).
I would like to set up redis sentinel - which is a easy part.

But does loraserver / lora-app-server support redis sentinel native or do i have to set a loadbalancer between loraserver / lora-app-server and the redis database?

as far i saw in the other topics, garyburd/redigo is used. this mentions this FZambia/go-sentinel - and this supports redis sentinel.

so to simplify my question:

  • does loraserver project support redis sentinel native?
  • what do i habe to configure in the configfiles of the loraserver / lora-app-server in the redis part?

thanks and regards

btw @brocaar - loraserver is a great project - thanks a lot.

Sentinel is not directly supported. If somebody would like to contribute on this:

Currently is being used as Redis client, but in order to support Sentinel might be something to consider. If somebody would like to look into this… :slight_smile:

thanks a lot. grat to know.
as i am not a programmer (or at least not a good one) i can’t help with this.

regards and thanks,