Refuses to login appserver:8080

I cannot login anymore.
My settup for the app server is on Raspberry Pi 4 with docker instances.

Worked fine for months! Still works with devices. But I cannot log to GUI app console anymore.

Docker logs gives this:

gRPC{uri=/api.InternalService/Login}: chirpstack::api: Finished processing request status=“200” latency=60.581196ms

I did update the hash key in the user table in postgres, based on an old post. Still same problem.

I do not use TLS, just HTTP. Is there a way to reset admin to do something. It cannot use empty password. I exausted my ressources to fix this and I do not want to reinstall from scratch :frowning:

Anyone ran into such problem lately?


I was using wrong hash key for my version…

chirpstack=# UPDATE “user” SET password_hash=‘$pbkdf2-sha512$i=10000,l=32$DMJEl+7IRJrDcd3/VamdSw$TukY3fi2kgtbV+8Oq7eCVuvPAaL7gUqL7IurFCaBMIo’ WHERE email=‘admin’;
chirpstack=# select email, password_hash from “user”;
email | password_hash
admin | $pbkdf2-sha512$i=10000,l=32$DMJEl+7IRJrDcd3/VamdSw$TukY3fi2kgtbV+8Oq7eCVuvPAaL7gUqL7IurFCaBMIo