Regarding gateway/stats mqtt topic


I have one basic query regarding monitoring gateway statistics. I have subscribed to MQTT topic gateway/[mac]/stats to receive data from gateway.
I would like to understand the MQTT publishing path. Here whether gateway statistics is published by lora gateway bridge?
I would like to receive data through LoRa app server. How to achieve this?

LoRa App Server does not expose this MQTT data directly. Instead on the gateway page you will see some graphs. In case you would like to integrate, you can do so yourself by subscribing to the MQTT topic. See also:

Are the graphs a histogram of the number of LoRa packets that came through? If a gateway is online and reporting 0 packets received, will that graph show anything, or will it appear empty?

Is there a configuration setting somewhere that dictates how frequently the gateway publishes data to the stats topic? It could be nice to know how long it’s been since a gateway has ‘checked in’.