Region configuration

I wanted to know what is the equivalent file of chirpstack-network.toml on chirpstack v4. Because I need to change the region band of my gateway that is on EU868 to AU915. I make chirpstack-doker installation and I think that it is not complete. I found that in README file say “This setup also comes whit a ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instance which is configurated to the eu868 topic prefix. You can connect your UDP packet-forwarder based gateway to port 1700.” but I don’t understand what it means. I don’t understand how it is related with UDP 1700 port.
I would be very grateful if someone could give me a hand.

The default region in the Docker Compose example is EU868. If you want to change it to a different region, then you can change the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge config to forward to a different topic prefix (e.g. au915_0).

You could also setup multiple GW Bridge configs, e.g.:

[UDP] -> [GW Bridge EU868 port 1700]
[UDP] -> [GW Bridge AU915 port 1701]


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