Regional Parameters RP2-1.0.3 and regional plan


I have some doubts about the support of LoRaWAN regions.
ChirpStack documentation reports that all regions that are defined by the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters specification are supported.

When I enter the Device Profile, the drop-down menu allows me to choose the LoRaWAN Regional Parameter Version between (A, B, RP002-1.0.0, RP002-1.0.1, RP002-1.0.2).

What about updated version of Regional Parameters? For instance, as far I can understand the RP002-1.0.3 has added the support of the AS923-4 regional plan (Israel)

That means that using ChirpStack I am not able to provision a device operating under AS923-4?

Thank you

While you could already define that region, the RP002-1.0.3 was missing in the dropdown list. Note that this is already fixed in the latest release.