Regions display wrong at network-server page when I set region of network-server as as923-3

when I set region of network-server as as923-2/ as923-3 or as923-4, regions display wrong at network-server page, it show EU868.

because the right region name is AS923, AS923_2 etc and not as923 as923-xxx
read the comment inside .toml file
Valid values are:

  • AS923 (AS923 without frequency offset)
  • AS923_2 (AS923 with -1.80 MHz frequency offset)
  • AS923_3 (AS923 with -6.60 MHz frequency offset)
    that’s all regarding AS923 region.

@eugenev For network server v3.15.3, I believe the naming was changed to AS923-X already?
It seems that AS923-X is still shown as EU868 in v3.15.3.

@taylor I have a similar issue with my AS923-2. Are you able to make your AS923-X working?
Thanks a lot.

I have not test it yet.

It has already changed to AS923-. If use AS923_, server will accur error.

AS923-2 is working fine for my LoRaWAN gateway and devices.
It is a cosmetic issue in Chirpstack to show as EU868.

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