Register a device?

I’m a newbie, both to LoRa and to ChirpStack, so please bear with me.

I have a device that I am trying to register. I have successfully registered it on two other LoRa network servers. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to register it in ChirpStack. The thing is that I have three specific pieces of information about the device: 1) the EUI, 2) the AppEUI, and 3) the AppKey. Those don’t seem to map to the things ChirpStack wants when registering a device. Can someone please help me figure out how to register a device with those three pieces of information?

More context: I’m using a new install of the Docker version of ChirpStack. I am able to see the device sending data to the ChirpStack network server in the log, but the device is never recognized and so I can’t seem to do anything with that data. Specifically, when the device tries to join, I get the following: ‘level=error msg=“uplink: processing uplink frame error” error=“device does not support join”’.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

P.S. Bonus question: is there a way to clear the ChirpStack logs? It seems as though once the logs get too full, they are not displayed in real-time in the console anymore.

this may help you official site doc

Apparently I’m too new and ignorant. Whereas that is a good reference, it doesn’t seem to help me much. For example, when creating a new device in ChirpStack, I have no trouble on the first page entering the “Device name”, “Device description”, and “Device EUI”, but then it asks for a “Device-profile”. That’s where I get tripped up. I’ve tried creating a device profile, but I assume I’m getting some of the entries wrong because despite my trial-and-error, I’ve had no success.

One thing that mystifies me is that I see no place for the AppEUI or the AppKey, which I thought were required fields.

More info: I register the device, but then I get to the “Activation” screen. There I am asked for a “Device address” and a “Network session key”. Where can I find those, or is that something I assign to the device?

Thanks again!

sure, firstly you need to create the device profile where you can chose the device type ABP or OTAA, support of additional calsses (B or C) depends on your device. As I see your device is OTAA, after device profile creation, you need create application and devices into it with corresponding DevEUI and corresponding device profile. after that you may to enter the AppKey in the right field. AppEUI not needed for this.

OK, I got it working! The mistake I was making was attempting to use ABP instead of OTAA. In retrospect this seems obvious, but as I said… newbie. :slight_smile: