Rejoin required after upgrade

Hi! I upgraded Chirpstack from version 4.4.3 to version 4.8.1 using “sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade”. The upgrade went good but now I need to force a rejoin of the devices in order to continue working properly, if not then no frames are received from them. The gateways continued working properly.

Is that expected? It will be very expensive for me to go to the field to reboot all the nodes!

Read the 4.8 release notes, there is a tool you need to run to import some of your Redis data into PostgreSQL. The activation data, specifically.

You might find some other interesting things in the release notes between 4.4.3 and 4.8.1, too.

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Thank you @bconway ! That was the issue, after running the following script (after the upgrade) all the devices started to report successfully:

chirpstack -c /etc/chirpstack migrate-device-sessions-to-postgres

Thanks for the quick reply!