[release] ChirpStack Application Server v3.10

ChirpStack Application Server v3.10.0


Generate API keys in web-interface

This makes it possible to generate (and revoke) API keys directly from within the web-interface. Internally, a lot of authorization code has been cleaned up to remove duplication and make the code easier to maintain. (#421)

Redis Cluster and Sentinel

This release introduces the support for Redis Cluster and Redis Sentinel.


  • Use server time instead of gateway reported time in stats. (#440)
  • Add “Last seen” column to gateway list view. (#444)
  • Change ISM band names to their common name. (#456)


  • Fix objectJSON formatting in web-interface.
  • Fix AMQP re-connect issue.
  • Fix setting updated_at field on organization user update. (#430)
  • Fix create service-profile with empty name. (#436)
  • Fix closing WebSocket connections. (#373)
  • Fix create multicast-group with empty name. (#451)
  • Fix device-status margin type (uint32 > int32).
  • Fix passing the correct database transaction on downlink enqueue. (#412)
  • Update viper to fix reading configfile error. (#461)