[release] ChirpStack Application Server v3.13

ChirpStack Application Server v3.13.0


Pilot Things integration

This release adds a per-application Pilot Things integration. (#527)


  • Expose gateway certificate expiration date in web-interface.
  • Improve organization auto-complete with total count of available options.
  • Make setting default gRPC resolver a config option.
    • Note: this changes the default resolver from dns back to passthrough,
      which is the default value for the Go gRPC library.
  • Support SCRAM-SHA-256/512 for Kafka integration. (#549)
  • Add tls_enabled option to Redis configuration.
  • Improve user email validation regexp. (#553)
  • Implement JWT token audience validation.
  • Make it impossible for users to delete themselves. (#557)
  • Add ms precision to LoRa Cloud DAS integration timestamps. (#556)
  • Implement UplinkMsgWifi + wifi stream record workaround for LoRa Cloud DAS integration.
  • Replace Math.random by window.crypto in UI.


  • Exclude email validation for admin user. (#540)
  • Fix healthcheck -> health log line. (#550)
  • Fix list service-profiles for API-key users. (#532)
  • Fix create API-key with empty string name and validate max length. (#555)

ChirpStack Application Server v3.13.1


  • Fix wifi based geolocation in combination with LoRa Cloud DAS integration.