[release] ChirpStack Application Server v3.14



Remove FUOTA

This removes FUOTA from the ChirpStack Application Server as well as handling the handling of application-layer payloads related to FUOTA. The reason for removing FUOTA is to provide more flexibility as it allows for custom FUOTA implementations. One such implementation is the ChirpStack FUOTA Server.

MQTT integration client-certificates

Like with the Gateway client-certificate feature, this feature makes it possible to generate application-specific client-certificates for authentication and authorization with the MQTT broker. In this case the CommonName is set to the application ID.

Private gateways

This feature makes it possible to make gateways private to a specific service-profile. When enabled, received uplinks can only be used by devices under the same service-profile. To enable you must assign a service-profile to the gateway and update the service-profile to enable the private gateways feature.

Note: this requires ChirpStack Network Server v3.12+.

Select ADR algorithm

This adds a ADR algorithm selection option to the device-profile. In combination with the ChirpStack Network Server pluggable ADR feature, this makes it possible to use different ADR algorithms for different types of devices.

Note: this requires ChirpStack Network Server v3.12+.


  • Add Semtech Device and Application Service integration workaround for assistance position handling.
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