[release] ChirpStack Application Server v3.16



Live frame and event logs

By using a Redis Stream instead of Pub/Sub, the last frames and events (per gateway and device) can be retained, providing a configurable amount of history when opening the related pages (default is 10). This also improves the live frame and event logs interface to provide a better overview and faster rendering.

Note: Redis Streams requires Redis 5.0.0+.

Multicast refactor

This moves the multicast feature under applications, to enforce that all devices within the multicast group belong to the same application as the multicast group.

Before you upgrade, please validate that if you have any existing multicast-groups that:

  1. These are not empty (they contain one or multiple devices)
  2. All devices within the multicast group belong to the same application

If these conditions are met, ChirpStack Application Server will automatically migrate your multicast group(s) to the same application as your devices. In any other case, the migration will throw an error asking you to either remove the empty multicast group(s) or to re-assign the devices so that the above criteria are met.

InfluxDB v2

This adds InfluxDB v2 support by making the InfluxDB API protocol version configurable when adding the InfluxDB integration.


  • Add device-address to search functionality. (#603)
  • Fetch OpenID Connect claims with UserInfo call. (#613)


  • Fix gatewayId hex converter in live lorawan frames. (#606)
  • Fix PostgreSQL integration “unknown message type: gw.UplinkRXInfo” error when json_v3 marshaler is configured.
  • Fix use GetRedisKey for key generation in MQTT integration. (#610)
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