[release] ChirpStack Gateway Bridge v3.9

ChirpStack Gateway Bridge v3.9.0


Multi-downlink commands and ACKs

This multi-downlink feature allows a Network Server to send multiple downlink opportunities at once, e.g. one item for RX1 and one for RX2. The gateway will send at most one downlink item from the list. The ChirpStack Gateway Bridge will respond with a list of ACK items, indicating which item item was emitted, which item(s) failed and which item(s) were ignored (because the previous item was emitted).

Channel re-configuration

This implements channel re-configuration for the ChirpStack Concentratord backend over MQTT. This also removes the channel re-configuration for the Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder. While this feature had been removed from the documentation code references were still present. As there are different implementations of the Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder, there are also different flavors of configuration files.

The ChirpStack Concentratord provides a unified API to different types of gateways which makes it possible to implement channel re-configuration for this backend.

Kerlink iStation

This release provides IPK packages that can be installed on a Kerlink iStation gateway.


  • Split multi-line meta-data returned by a command only once on delimiter.
  • Forward meta-data provided by a Packet Forwarder backend.

Great work! Do I assume correctly that a matching NS update is needed to use the first two listed new features?

For the first yes, although this is backwards compatible and will continue to work with the “old” data-structure. The channel re-configuration feature was never fully removed and I believe this should work with the current version :slight_smile: (all you need to do is assign a Gateway profile to a gateway).

Please note that you do need to use Concentratord for the channel re-configuration feature. I will no longer support his for the Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder as there are multiple implementations, each with their own configuration templates.

An other reason is that with Concentratord, the re-configuration happens in-memory. In case it fails the process will terminate and when using (for example) Monit, the process will be automatically restarted with the configuration from the configuration file.

ChirpStack Gateway Bridge v3.9.1


  • Downlinks are now visible in the web-interface when using in combination with the BasicStation.
  • RX2 parameters are now set for Class-A downlinks when using in combination with the BasicStation.

ChirpStack Gateway Bridge v3.9.2


  • Provide uplink / downlink stats when using the BasicStation backend.