[release] ChirpStack Gateway OS v4 (release candidates)


Main changes

ChirpStack v4

This release replaces ChirpStack Network Server (v3) and ChirpStack Application Server (v3) with ChirpStack v4.0.0.

MQTT certificates

If using the full image, MQTT TLS certificates will be automatically generated on first boot and configured in ChirpStack. For consuming device events through the MQTT integration, you can generate certificates in the web-interface under the application integrations.

Note: localhost connections (e.g. if using Node-RED) to the MQTT do not need TLS certificates for authentication and authorization.

gateway-config improvements

If using the full ChirpStack Gateway OS image, which includes the ChirpStack Network Server, the gateway-config script will automatically create the gateway in the ChirpStack database for you.

Region configuration

The full image contains update region configuration for the common regions. The desired region can be selected using the gateway-config configuration script.

New shields

Support for the following shields has been added:

  • RAK2247
  • RAK5147

Yocto Kirkstone

ChirpStack Gateway OS has been updated to Yocto Kirkstone. This should fix boot problems on some Pi 4 revisions, as this release contains an updated bootloader.

Other updates

  • ChirpStack Concentratord to v3.2.2
  • ChirpStack Gateway Bridge to v3.13.1
  • Node-RED to v2.1.6
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