[release] ChirpStack Network Server v3.14



Improved frame logging

This moves the frame-logging feature from Redis Pub/Sub to Redis Streams, persisting a configurable amount of items (default: 10) in Redis.

Note: Redis Streams requires Redis 5.0.0+.

LR-FHSS data-rate

This adds support for the LR-FHSS data-rates for EU868, US915 and AU915. Note: this is an experimental feature.


  • Increment multicast gateway-delay after the first item. This takes away the initial delay of the first enqueued item.
  • Remove device lock if downlink fails because of gateway lock.
  • Move from RSA to ECDSA key generation for gateway client-certificates.


  • Fix duplicated context id (and downlink_id) in Class B/C scheduler batch.
  • Fix duplicated context id (and downlink_id) in multicast scheduler batch.
  • Add stats ID and downlink ID to MQTT handler lock keys.
  • Re-send AppSKeyEnvelope to AS in case of connection issue. (#536)
  • Correctly compute ConfFCnt for MIC (LoRaWAN 1.1). (#540)
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