[release] ChirpStack Network Server v3.5 (test releases)

ChirpStack Network Server v3.5.0-test.1


RX1 / RX2 selection logic

New configuration options have been added for RX1 / RX2 selection for downlink. (#429)

  • Using rx2_prefer_on_rx1_dr_lt it is possible to prefer RX2 for downlink, when the RX1 data-rate is less than the configured value.
  • Using rx2_prefer_on_link_budget it is possible to prefer RX2 for downlink when RX2 provides a better link budget than RX1.

Mac-command error handling

A new configuration option has been added to limit the number of mac-command errors (per device). This resolves the issue where the Network Server keeps trying to send a downlink mac-command to a malfunctioning device.

RPM packaging

This is the first release providing .rpm packages for CentOS and RedHat. (#454)


Update lorawan package

The updated version contains logic for the EU868 band to either use 14 dBm or 27 dBm based on used frequency.

gRPC / Protobuf cleanup

All definitions are now imported from github.com/brocaar/chirpstack-api/go. When using the gRPC API, you must update your imports.

Environment variable configuration

Deprecate use of dots (.) in environment variable names, use double understore (__) instead. (#451)

Internal improvements

The (re)usage of Redis connections has been improved.



Use the testing channel instead of stable:

sudo echo "deb https://artifacts.chirpstack.io/packages/3.x/deb testing main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/chirpstack.list


Use the chirpstack/chirpstack-network-server:3.5.0-test.1 image and tag (available shortly).


Hi @brocaar,

thank you for your work and thank you (and all involved) for the RX1 / RX2 logic. This is amazing!


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