[release] ChirpStack Network Server v3.7 (test releases)

ChirpStack Network Server v3.7.0-test.1


Improve frame-counter validation

The refactored frame-counter validation makes it possible to report different types of errors to the Application Server which will make it easier to debug frame-counter related issues.

OTAA error event

OTAA related errors will now be pushed to the Application Server to make it easier to debug OTAA related issues.

Downlink tx acknowledgements

Downlink TX acknowledgements (by the gateway) are now forwarded to the Application Server. Please note that this is the TX acknowledgement by the gateway, indicating that it was enqueued for transmission.

Syslog output

When log_to_syslog is enabled in the configuration file, the log output will be written to syslog.


  • Implement setting max reconnect interval for MQTT gateway backend.
  • Implement getting the device queue size only (instead of fetching the complete queue).
  • Implement DNS round-robin load-balancing for gRPC.
  • Cleanup old api package (the API definitions have been moved to chirpstack-api).
  • Add uplink IDs to geolocation events for correlation.
  • Remove legacy (and broken) device-session migration code.
  • Cleanup (unused) gateway statistics code.



Use the testing channel instead of stable:

sudo echo "deb https://artifacts.chirpstack.io/packages/3.x/deb testing main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/chirpstack.list


Use the chirpstack/chirpstack-network-server:3.7.0-test.1 image and tag.