[release] ChirpStack Network Server v3.8

ChirpStack Network Server v3.8.0


Downlink gateway randomization

When sending a downlink response, ChirpStack Network Server will select from the list of gateways with a given (configurable) margin, a random gateway for the downlink. This should result in a better downlink distribution across gateways. In case non of the gateways are within the configured margin, the best gateway is selected (old behavior).


The monitoring configuration has been updated so that it is possible to configure both a Prometheus endpoint at /metrics and healthcheck endpoint at /health. This change is backwards compatible, but to use the /health endpoint you must update your configuration.

Forward gateway metadata to AS

By forwarding gateway metadata to the (ChirpStack) Application Server, information like serial number, temperature, … could be stored by the Application Server for various use-cases. The configuration of metadata is covered by the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge.


Downlink LoRaWAN frame logging

Previously the first downlink scheduling attempt was logged (visible in the ChirpStack Application Server under the Gateway / Device LoRaWAN frames). This has been changed so that the scheduling attempt acknowledged by the gateway is logged. E.g. when RX1 fails, but RX2 succeeds this will log the RX2 attempt.


  • Update gRPC dependency to fix ‘DNS name does not exist’ error. (#426)

ChirpStack Network Server v3.8.1


  • Fix AMQP re-connect issue.
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