[release] ChirpStack v4.3




This adds support for generating C# API code. (#100)

Multicast improvements

Add gateways to multicast-group

This makes it possible to explicitly define which gateways will be used for a given multicast-group. In the gateways overview it is possible to select one or multiple gateways and then add these gateways to a multicast-group.

Multicast scheduling option

This moves the multicast scheduling configuration to the multicast-group configuration from the chirpstack.toml configuration file. Scheduling options include scheduling based on GPS time or delay based.

Split private gateways in private uplink and downlink

This makes it possible to define per tenant if and how gateways can be used by other tenants. For example in case downlink is set to private, other tenants will benefit from uplinks received by these gateways, but they will not be able to send downlinks (ChirpStack will filter these gateways out when selecting the gateway for scheduling the downlink).


  • Implement get_downlink_data_delay setting.
  • Update internal dependencies.
  • Add missing fPort validation to avoid enqueue on fPort=0.
  • Do not overwrite RxInfo location field with gateway location if it is already set.
  • Do not log stats handling NotFound errors if allow_unknown_gateways is configured.
  • Decode FRMPayload mac-commands in device LoRaWAN frames log.
  • Show FCnt in device event log.


  • Fix /api/multcast-groups/... > /api/multicast-groups/... typo in enqueue API URL.
  • Fix gateway_id is missing errors (in case the uplink was also received by an unknown gateway).
  • Fix disabling mac-commands.
  • Fix region configuration defaults + use region id as fallback for description if the latter is missing. (#120)
  • Fix API authorization for listing ADR algorithms. (#112)
  • Fix US915 downlink channel min_dr configuration. (#115)
  • Fix incorrect rendering of integration.mqtt.client.ca_key and .ca_cert in config template. (#124)
  • Remove tls_enabled config option as it is not actually implemented. (#128)

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LoRa Cloud integration

This adds a Forward messages on these FPorts to LoRa Cloud configuration option, which based on FPort, let LoRa Cloud Modem & Geolocation Services automatically handle the payload according.

This also adds a toggle button to make using the reported gateway location optional for geolocation assistance.

Rust SDK features

This improves the SDK features, to make it easier to exclude certain dependencies by disabling features in Cargo.toml configuration.

Internal dependencies

Internal dependencies have been updated to the latest versions.


  • Fix typo in application.proto. (#143)
  • Earlier db initialization + fix unwrap errors. (#147)
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Disable v3 compatibility option

This add a configuration option, to enable / disable compatibility with the latest ChirpStack Gateway Bridge v3 version. If compatibility is not needed, then add v4_migrate=false to the [regions.gateway.backend.mqtt] section (in region_...toml). This will save some bandwidth in the GW <> NS communication. The current default is true, in ChirpStack v4.4+, the default will change to false (and thus it must be explicitly enabled).

Other improvements

  • Add back web-interface option to download events and frames as JSON.
  • Update internal dependencies.


  • Fix sending to multiple URLs in case one endpoint fails.
  • Enable new tls-rustls feature of redis dependency (fixes Redis TLS issues). (#170)