[release] ChirpStack v4.5



UI improvements

This updates the ChirpStack UI to Ant Design v5 and React v18.2.0. This also refactors the UI components code from classes to functions.

While this refactor does not add additional features to the UI, it does eliminate some unnecessary reloading of data due to better route handling. This should result in less flickering when navigating between some of the UI pages.


  • Make it possible to use DeviceModeInd for LoRaWAN 1.0.x devices (this is not according the LoRaWAN 1.0.x specs).
  • Implement removing device from Relay filter list.
  • Add rediss:// connection string example to config template (for TLS). (#219)
  • Update internal dependencies.


  • Fix showing initial InfluxDB integration form. (#254)
  • Fix ADR plugin variable mapping typo (maxRd > maxDr). (#256)
  • Fix setting empty username / password in MQTT. (#257)
  • Fix RPM install error caused by auto dependencies. (#267)