[release] ChirpStack v4.8



Duty-cycle metrics

This release implements duty-cycle metrics for each gateway. Please note that this feature is (currently) only available for EU868 region and if the ChirpStack Concentratord is used (v4.4.0+).

Increase RX1 Delay in device-profile

This makes it possible to increase the RX1 delay for one or multiple devices through the device-profile. This can be useful when the latency between ChirpStack and the integration is too high to be able to enqueue a downlink for the same RX1 / RX2 receive-windows. Note that it does not allow setting a RX1 delay lower than the rx1_delay value configured in the ChirpStack configuration files.


  • Update internal dependencies.
  • Document missing recvTime codec option. (#385)
  • Show error in UI if clipboard API is not available. (231)
  • Show ChirpStack version in web-interface (if user is admin). (#73)
  • Expose more verbose JavaScript codec error output. (#391)
  • Align multicast Class-B ping-slot configuration. (#255)
  • Remove generated API code from repository to reduce amount of changes in case of API changes.
  • Add support for responding to HomeNSReq API requests (Backend Interfaces).


  • Do not update gateway location when updated lat / lon / alt are all set to 0.
  • Fix typo in auth error string. (#367)
  • Add auto-coversion from SEC1 EC keys to PKCS#8. (#386)
  • Fix drawer header z-index issue in web-interface. (#393)
  • Auto-detect if MQTT (v5) broker supports shared-subscriptions. (#413)
  • Fix stats interval calculations in case of DST changes (in which case some timestamps don’t exist). (#415)
  • Fix loading auto-complete options in web-interface. (#334)
  • Do not schedule Class-B / Class-C downlinks for disabled devices.

For anyone else initially confused by this wording, it refers to intermediary generated code used as part of the build process. Code that you would import by a language (i.e. import "github.com/chirpstack/chirpstack/api/go/v4/integration") remains safe.


This is great.
Thanks a lot for the effort.