[release] Concentratord v3.0

ChirpStack Concentratord v3.0.0

Initial stable release.

This marks the first stable release of the Concentratord project. This component has been shipped with the ChirpStack Gateway OS since the beginning of this year and many improvements have been made since then. The aim of this component is to be an easier to configure alternative for the Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder.

Currently it supports:

  • Embedded calibration values per gateway model
  • ZeroMQ based API (used by the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge)
  • Channel re-configuration without restart (with the ChirpStack Gateway Bridge, channel configuration can be sent over MQTT)
  • SX1301 and SX1302 HAL based gateways

Please see also: https://www.chirpstack.io/concentratord/.


Great news about the release.

I see over at https://www.chirpstack.io/concentratord/ you have announced

Pre-compiled binaries for other gateways will be provided soon.

Will that also include the ability to install on a Pi outside of the Gateway OS as I run a customised OS along with additional services also running on the Pi.

This is a great piece of work which I am looking forward to trying. I’m really interested to see the CPU load it places on a Pi as my trials with the Semtech SX1302 UDP packet forwarder have shown the CPU load is double that of the Semtech Sx1301 packet forwarder.

My first focus would be to create vendor specific .ipk packages, as then I can package these with pre-defined config variables, specific to each gateway.

However, obtaining Pi compatible binaries is already very easy:

make build-armv7hf-release

This should already do the job for you I believe :slight_smile: That command is executed within a Docker Compose environment including the HAL libraries etc…

One note, if you are using a RAK shield, uncomment the following two lines:


After that, make sure to run docker-compose build to rebuild the build environment :slight_smile:

ChirpStack Concentratord v3.0.1


  • Fix beacon loop termination on re-configuration and improve debug logging.

Chirpstack Concentratord v3.0.2


  • Fix sending 0, 0 coordinates when GPS is unavailable.

ChirpStack Concentratord v3.0.3


  • Fix channel_max calculation.


  • Implement overwriting reset-pin for RPi shields.