[release] LoRa App Server 0.21.0



  • In some cases the JavaScript editor (codec functions) would only render on click.

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any chance that direct Postgres integration is coming?

Could you describe how you would be planning to use this?

Same way as InfluxDB integration - storing sensor data directly (cutting off middleman mqtt).
Thinking of Postgres with Timescale extenstion (http://www.timescale.com/)

Yes, but please note that with InfluxDB you don’t have to worry about the schema upfront. With PostgreSQL you do. I’m not sure how this would work from the end-user. Would this be something that you would configure globally in the lora-app-server.toml configuration and have one table for all data? Would this be an external database or the LoRa App Server database? Should it be possible to write for different applications to different databases?


Which graph did you use for the channel usage? I used a PieChart but yours looks way better, one can clearly see the frequency hopping over time.

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I’m using this one: http://docs.grafana.org/features/panels/heatmap//

What’s your suggest for upgrading ?.