[release] LoRa App Server v2.6

LoRa App Server v2.6.0


New integrations

Support has been added to forward events to an Azure service-bus or to AWS SNS. See Configuration.


  • Make JS codec maximum execution-time configurable and increase default value to 100ms.
  • Add configuration option for CORS headers. (#275)
  • Internal code-cleanup with regards to passing configuration and objects.
  • Internal migration from Dep to Go modules.
  • Improve authentication validator SQL query for speed. (#302)
  • Add codec execution time for decoding. (#307)
  • UI: Make delete application confirmation more explicit. (#306)
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LoRa App Server v2.6.1


  • Make it possible in the API to move devices between applications.
  • Add DevAddr to enqueue API call to LoRa Server so that LoRa Server can validate the session-keys are in sync.
  • Add device details overview (UI).


  • Fix panic when JOSN object is set but contains null. (#314)
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