[release] LoRa Gateway Bridge v3.1

LoRa Gateway Bridge v3.1.0


Azure IoT Hub X.509

X.509 certificate authentication is added to the azure_iot_hub MQTT authentication option.


Prometheus metrics

The Prometheus metrics have been improved for consistency. Documentation has been updated to document the metrics that are available.

Max reconnect interval

The MQTT max. reconnect interval is now a global MQTT configuration and can be used regardless of the MQTT authentication type.

Lat / lon / alt = 0

When the latitude, longitude and altitude are all three 0, then LoRa Gateway Bridge assumes there is no GPS module / location available and it will not expose a location in the stats message.


  • The CRC check has been fixed for the Semtech UDP backend.
  • Fix message buffering for QoS > 0 (on manual reconnect, the Paho library discards messages when offline).


Managed gateway configuration

Documentation (and configuration) references to the managed packet-forwarder configuration have been removed. The feature itself is still available and will stay available until the next major release. Please refer to this forum discussion for more background.