[release] LoRa Server 0.20.1

LoRa Server 0.20.1 has been released, which fixes a couple of issues. Change-log:


  • Add support for IN_865_867 ISM band.


  • Remove gateway location and altitude ‘nullable’ option in the database.
    This removes some complexity and fixes a nil pointer issue when compiled
    using Go < 1.8 (#210).

  • Update AU_915_928 data-rates according to the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters
    1.0.2 specification.

  • Better handling of ADR and TXPower nACK. In case of a nACK, LoRa Server will
    set the max supported DR / TXPower to the requested value - 1.

  • The ADR engine sets the stored node TXPower to 0 when the node uses an
    “unexpected” data-rate for uplink. This is to deal with nodes that are
    regaining connectivity by lowering the data-rate and setting the TXPower
    back to 0.