[release] LoRa Server v2.4

LoRa Server v.2.4.0

Upgrade notes

This update will migrate the gateway statistics to Redis, using the default *_aggregation_ttl settings. In case you would like to use different durations, please update your configuration before upgrading.


Gateway statistics

Gateway statistics are now stored in Redis. This makes the storage of statistics more lightweight and also allows for automatic expiration of statistics. Please refer to the [metrics.redis] configuration section and the *_aggregation_ttl configuration options.

Join-server DNS resolver (A record)

When enabled (resolve_join_eui), LoRa Server will try to resolve the join-server using DNS. Note that currently only the A record has been implemented and that it is assumed that the join-server uses TLS. Experimental.

FPort > 224

LoRa Server no longer returns an error when a fPort greater than 224 is used.


  • Fix init.d logrotate processing. (#364)
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LoRa Server v2.4.1


  • Fix typo in month_aggregation_ttl default value.

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