[release] LoRa Server v2.5

LoRa Server v2.5.0


  • Environment variable based configuration has been re-implemented.


  • When mac-commands are disabled, an external controller can still receive all mac-commands and is able to schedule mac-commands.
  • When no accurate timestamp is available, the server time will be used as DeviceTimeAns timestamp.


  • Fix potential deadlock on MQTT re-connect (#103)
  • Fix crash on (not yet) support rejoin-request type 1 (#367)
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Hi brocaar,

i have the version 2.0.0, how can i update th lora server, app server and gateway bridge ?


Please refer to the changelogs to see the changes between versions and to find out if additional steps are needed before upgrading. In any case, I recommend making a backup before upgrading.