[release] LoRa Server v3.2

LoRa Server v3.2.0


Multi-frame geolocation

Support for geolocation on multiple uplink frames has been added. Using the Device Profile the geolocation “buffer” can be configured.

Prometheus metrics

Prometheus metrics have been added to the MQTT, Azure and Google Cloud Platform backends.


  • Fix NetID 3 & 4 NwkID prefix according to the errata published by the LoRa Alliance.
  • Fix RX2 timing when RXDelay is > 0. (#419)

LoRa Server v3.2.1


  • Improve environment variable based configuration for list of structures.
  • Update LoRa Server dependencies to their latest versions.


  • Fix Azure Unauthorized access. ‘Listen’ claim(s) are required to perform this operation. error. (see azure-service-bus-go/#116)
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