[release] LoRa Server v3.3.0

LoRa Server v3.3.0


IDs for correlation

This release implements per context unique IDs that are printed in the logs and are returned as header in API responses. This makes it easier to correlate log events.

Forwards gateway stats to Application Server API

This decouples the storage / handling of gateway stats from the Network Server. This deprecates the GetGatewayStats API method (will be removed in the next major version).

Extend Network Controller API

Next to the already existing HandleUplinkMetaData method, this adds a HandleDownlinkMetaData API method. The HandleUplinkMetaData API call has been extended with more meta-data (e.g. DevEUI, payload size, …) which can be used for accounting purposes.


  • Add PostgreSQL max open / idle connections settings. (#437)


  • Recover Azure Service-Bus queue client on Receive error.
  • Fix unreturned errors. (#428)
  • Fix send on closed channel. (#434)
  • Fix logging DevEUI in join flow. (#438)


Although not required, to benefit fully from the IDs for correlation feature, it is recommended to update LoRa Gateway Bridge to v3.3.0 (or later).

As the gateway stats are now forwarded to the Application Server API, in order to continue receiving gateway stats you must upgrade to LoRa App Server v3.4.0 (or later).

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