Remote Progressql Database


I have a milesight UV300 that is polling RS485 modbus data, i would like to send and store this data into a remote prosgresql server to display the data in grafana

My chirpstack will be in the cloud, and my grafana/db server is on anoter instance

Would this be possible?

Yes, this is possible. change the configuration file to point it to your pgsql server.
I did this on my installation using docker-compose

Thank you for the reply!

Is this possible using the ubuntu version not using docker?

I think so…you just need to locate and edit this

# PostgreSQL DSN.
** #**
** # Format example: postgres://:@/?sslmode=.**
** #**
** # SSL mode options:**
** # * disable - no SSL**
** # * require - Always SSL (skip verification)**
** # * verify-ca - Always SSL (verify that the certificate presented by the server was signed by a trusted CA)**
** # * verify-full - Always SSL (verify that the certification presented by the server was signed by a trusted CA and the server host name matches the one in the certificate)**

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