Remote update lora-gateway-os v2 to latest v3

Hi we are using ChripStack lora-gateway-OS version 2.xx on the wifx lorix one gateways. Is it possible to remotely update it to version 3.xx so its gateway-bridge using format protobuf instead of json? Thank you very much!

The early Gateway OS versions were using Mender, the current Gateway OS is using SWUpdate. You need to reflash in order to upgrade. See also: [release] ChirpStack Gateway OS v3.3.

Dear Brocaar,

Thank you very much for your time! Can you confirm that these v2 gateways won’t work with v3 lora server even I update its lora-gateway-bridge and the configuration .toml?


Correct. You can make v2 forward compatible with v3 (so that you can start migrating your gateways to v3, while running v2 of the stack). You can not use v2 gateways with v3, which was the reason to bump the major version :wink:

Thank you again! Maybe I misunderstand your comments, but it could be just great for us that we can make the existing gateways (outside with customers) compatible with v3 so they will be able to connect with our new v3 lora-server. Since I can only remotely login to the gateway without physical access (no a new flash), can you instruct me how to make it compatible? Thank you!

In essence what you need to do is replace the Gateway Bridge binary with a v3 binary and update the configuration file :slight_smile:

That is Great! By any chance, do you have a Gateway Bridge v3 binary: lora-gateway-bridge, or you know where that I can download this binary? Thank you very much.

Actually do you know which version (linux?) will work with Gateway OS v2, as available from the Downloads - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup> Network Server?

Just you know, I got Gateway Bridge v3 binary, will give a try. Thank you again.

Yes, it works fine with the v3 binary and configuration.