Remove # from URL?

Is there any way to remove the # from the URL?

For example to have instead of

This is causing some issues for us so wanted to see if it could be resolved.

This is not possible, because technically speaking is the page that is being served by your server, and the #/login is interpreted client-side for routing to the correct page.

Thanks for the reply @brocaar

Is it possible to do a URL rewrite for this to remove the #?

Docsify has similar hash routing and you can do a rewrite to remove it?

It would be very handy as would allow protecting some areas with Cloudflare Access to secure it.

If not, I have a workaround in mind to solve this another way but this would be the easiest way :wink:

How would you be able to protect some areas? The complete UI is rendered client-side, so once the statics (JS, CSS, HTML) have been downloaded, all the rendering happens client-side and data is fetched using gRPC-web.

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