Replacement for Pycom LoPy4

Just found out that Pycom have gone bust and i cannot get any Pycom LoPy4 boards anymore. I urgently need to develop a replacement as i have many of these LoPy4’s deployed in the field and need a replacement for any failures.

I need:

  1. AS923
  2. Class C support in the LoRaWAN library
  3. Preferably MicroPython support as that is the base of my node application
  4. Low power as i run from solar and battery.
  5. Ideally similar footprint (size) to LoPy4 so I can re-engineer existing PCB/Case - realise pinout will be different.
  6. I need only 3 GPIO ports for relay control
  7. Preferably 5V device as per LoPy4 - 3.3V will suffice if i change out some power modules
  8. U.FL antenna cable socket

Would appreciate hearing what others are using. Chirpstack is of course my backend.

Thanks for any pointers

Regards Alan