Requesting the gRPC API with Postman


In Postman, you can do gRPC requests and after setting the URL (localhost:8080) when it tries to load the methods by using server reflection it throws an error:

This will be a nice fix because it simplifies the way calls can be made using Postman. Has anyone else faced this problem?



Reflection isn’t recommended for public-facing APIs (see Tips: Reflection | gRPC), so it’s probably not enabled by default. I haven’t actually checked with ChirpStack.

Can Postman consume .proto files to make calls?

Hi Brian,

First of all, thanks for your response.

Yes, it does accept .proto files, but I found it easier to use the reflection method. However, if it’s not recommended, I won’t use it on public-facing APIs. Thanks for your advice.

However, it would be faster to develop using the gRPC API on localhost, and the error seems to be straightforward to fix because the problem is with .api.GetDevicesSummaryResponse.DrCountEntry (or .api.GetDevicesSummaryResponse). If someone who has been working on the gRPC API of ChirpStack recently could check this out, it would be helpful. I would do it myself, but it would take me much longer compared to a regular maintainer of the project.

As mentioned in the reference you’ve shared: Reflection | gRPC
If this reflection is not included in the production build, it won’t be a problem. I understand that systems should be secure by default, so perhaps we can consider a way to activate this feature only in the development environment.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this, and any opinions from others are welcome too.