Resending of data if Lora-app-server fails

I have a question related to this topic"Resending of data if Lora-app-server fails". I would like to know about resend feature or buffering up of data if lora-app-server fails to receive from lora gateway bridge. I have implemented resend by making clean session-false and QOS value as 1 in my application which has mqtt client. Please let me know if there is any chance that lora-app-server will fail and how to recover from data loss.

That probably won’t work. If any packet with a more recent fCount comes in first (say from another gateway) the old traffic would be silently dropped, as it would look like a replay attack

We have single gateway connection to our client on application. Refer attched image for better understanding.

We implemented mqtt client in our application to subcribe to mqtt broker(refer green circle in the attached image). We are making QOS 1 and cleansession as false to mqtt broker in order to store the data in message queue so whenever my application fails to receive data. When i restart my application im able to receive missed data packets.

Likewise, I would like to implement resend feature between lora-server and lora-gateway-bridge( refer red circle in the attched image).

We have modified MQTT configuration (QOS…) for enabling the resend feature(and avoid data loss) in MQTT layer. With this we are assuming that data loss/drop will not happen during MQTT communication between LoRa gateway bridge and LoRa network server. So whether drop will happen in LoRa network server (By checking fCount or fctl field) ? Whether it is LoRawan standard?
Our requirement is to avoid data loss…
Any way to achieve this?

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