Reset command Bmeters

Good day,

Can someone please take me through how to reset one of my Bmeters(Water Meters) LoraWAN module using the network server.

According to documentation from Bmeters i should use the command “Starting value”

You should look at the device user guide/spec and see what value it wants sent. Then you can queue it (as hex if using the web UI).


I’m not sure I follow.

This is the email I received from them: To reset the volume you need to use the command “Starting value”

Should I convert the “Starting value” into hex and then publish it via GUI?

And if so what tool do you recommend for the conversion? (Will it be string to hex)

I don’t know anything about the device you’re referencing, but the manufacturer should be able to provide you (or on their web site) with a full guide that includes uplink and downlink payloads, and how to decode the values. That will explain what you need to send.

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This is the device with documentation. If you could maybe assist me how this can be done in chirpstack.

0305 as the HEX value on port1?

Yes, that looks correct.