REST API authentication and header

Ive installed GitHub - chirpstack/chirpstack-rest-api: ChirpStack gRPC API to REST proxy.. Im using the button panel in Grafana to send through a hex payload to a device. Power meter that simply needs a relay open or close function.
Can someone please point me in the right direction I am very new to chirpstack.

Hi @Jacques_Grundling,
It could be a good idea to test it with a tool like postman before, in order to become more familiar with the API.
You could use the SWAGGER to test and learn. An example here: ChirpStack Application Server REST API
Not sure that the route /api/v1/downlink even exists, and sure 100% that you can not pass the payload in the header (looks like a ChatGPT guess :wink:)

@Jerome73 thank you! and ill admit nothing! lol. you def sent me down the right direction. Ive played around now got the devices to work. Seem to still have an issue with the grafana button panel though. Saying failed to fetch when the button clicked. You have not had any experience with this have you?

No I don’t. I didn’t even know it existed, and your post gave me ideas.

Im still trying to figure out if its a permission thing or what. I cant seem to get it to work

It may also comes from the fact that the call is done on browser side…

found this, enabled it … Text/Html panel is not displaying embedded iframe in Grafana - Grafana - Grafana Labs Community Forums still cant get button to work

the main problem is i see when creating a simple html is a CORS error.

API is set to accept all cors

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