REST API - Bad Request

I have a working v4 version running on my server.

I have also transferred my data from using the migration script.

Now when I try with the API query I get some issues:

  "code": 3,
  "message": "invalid length: expected length 32 for simple format, found 0",
  "details": []

For example if I want to query my Devices :

curl -X 'GET' \
  'http://xxxxx:8090/api/devices?limit=10' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \

Do I miss something here?

Queries for Users/Tenants and Gateways are working…

I am running chirpstack/chirpstack-rest-api:4.0.2 and chirpstack/chirpstack:4.0.2 .

Also I can not see anything on the rest-api logs. But on the chripstack logs it looks like the request is working:
2022-10-17T08:50:03.183571Z INFO gRPC{uri=/api.DeviceService/List}: chirpstack::api: Finished processing request status="200" latency=135.466µs

You need to add the tenant-id.

Thanks you are right!
Maybe this should be a required parameter in the OpenAPI file?

That is a bit hard to add, since the source is a Protobuf file, but feel free to propose documentation changes of the API :slight_smile: (chirpstack/api/proto/api at master · chirpstack/chirpstack · GitHub)

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