REST api interface problem

after some tests I wanted to try out the REST api interface at,
localhost:8080/api, but I get a almost empty page with some very odd chars:

These seem to be in hex:
15 03 01 00 02 02

What and why ?
Did I completely miss something ?

My versions are:
lora-app-server 2.1.0
lora-gateway-bridge 2.5.1
loraserver 2.1.0

br. Mike

Maybe you missed the https:// (note the s) part?

Yes exactly what I missed… Sorry !

But now when I corrected to https, it just redirects me back to the web interface with a new url:
odd ?
Or if I log out it redirs to login page:

br. Mike

It is a known issue (search the forum) and is already fixed in the master branch and will be included in the next release :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info!
I’ll wait then for the release,
do you know about when it might be released ?

…I’ll try to compile myself with the latest branch, but now I don’t have time… maybe next week…

I don’t have an ETA. However, when disabling your browser cache or doing a hard refresh, you’ll see the API interface :slight_smile:

Great, got it working.
And again thanks !

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